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Top-Reviewed San Diego Electricians

Premo Electric has proudly served homeowners and business owners in San Diego and the surrounding area for more than 15 years. Our skilled, licensed, and certified electricians can handle any of the electrical services you need for your home or business. From basic electrical troubleshooting to new wiring and fixture installations, our professionals will be ready to tackle the job. We’re available as well for any emergency services you need 24/7, and we can usually be on the job within an hour. As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve read our customers’ reviews, we deliver when you need us.

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Why Choose Premo Electric? 18 Reasons We’re the Best Electricians in San Diego

It’s smart to shop around (at least a little) for the best electrician.  Your home is only as safe as your electrical work.  Also, because you have to look at and live with the results every day and don’t want to need remedial electrical work, you need professional and experienced electricians who care about details as much as you do.

Look no farther than Premo Electric.  Here are 18 reasons our customers love us, and why you’ll make a wise decision by choosing us:

1. We’re the best-reviewed electricians in greater San Diego.

Just Google “Premo Eletric” to see what our customers say, and to see what you can expect of us.

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2. We provide emergency electrical service.

From urgent electrical repairs, to troubleshooting, to post-outage power restoration, we can help you in a pinch.

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3. Even if if it’s not an emergency, we’ll still get back to you and help you promptly.

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4. You can reach Premo Electric after-hours.

There’s even a good chance one of us will pick up then, but in case not, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your message and that the cavalry is on the way. You won’t be shouting into the wind.

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5. We provide quotes quickly.

Not much is more frustrating than waiting around before you even know what your options are. You won’t be in limbo with Premo.

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6. We honor our quotes.

Even if they’re several months old. We know you may not need us immediately (though if you do, you’re still in luck).

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7. No job is too big or too small.

Whether you need an outlet fixed or an entire electrical system installed on a new home, Team Premo has the skill and experience to get all your electrons firing exactly the way you want.


8. We can do the electrical work for your business, too.

Find out more about our commercial electrical services.


9. We’re licensed, trained, experienced, and professional electricians in every way.

Our California license # is 996008. We’ve been electricians since 2000.

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10. We take pains not to cause any damage.

From wearing booties on our feet, to putting down drop-cloths, to taking extra time to pull off a difficult repair or installation, to staying late to clean up 100%, Premo will always leave your home in better shape.

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11. We’re friendly.

We only hire electricians who love being electricians and working with homeowners and business owners. Beyond that, it’s hard to describe how we’re friendly, but you’ll find out what we mean.

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12. We offer discounts.

Just present one of our coupons when we’re over.

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13. We share knowledge.

We’ll explain what we’re doing (and why) in as much detail as you’d like. On our site you can get details on each specific service we offer, if you aren’t sure exactly what you need or want to know more about how it should work. We also have a “tips” area and a newsletter.


14. All of our work is done strictly to code.

We know what’s required by the State of California and by the communities in greater San Diego, and we have the experience and willingness to do it. You’ll never receive a “too good to be true” quote from Premo Electric, partly because we refuse to cut corners.

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15. Most of our communication and all of our invoicing is done electronically.

Phone-tag, paper invoices, illegible handwriting, lost receipts…they’re things of the past, but many electricians still use them. Our customers prefer the convenience of our electronic scheduling and invoicing system, partly because it keeps Team Premo organized and able to help you when you need us.


16. We redo work on the rare occasions that’s necessary.

And we don’t charge you for it.


17. We respect and support military personnel.

Our president and head electrician, George Premo, served as an electrician in Afghanistan under the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, in support of the US Army. To this day we do jobs on military bases in the San Diego area.  We also offer a military discount.

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18. We assume we’ll see you again.

Besides our ethics, that’s why we don’t engage in gimmicks, or skimp on materials, or act unprofessionally. Though we’d be thrilled if a single electrical project took care of all your electrical needs for life, in owning a home or business there’s always more work to do eventually.   Our goal is to be the last electricians you’ll ever need.

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To get help from the top-rated electricians in San Diego, call 619-908-1286 or complete our online request form.

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